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Developing genuinely affordable homes

Genuinely affordable

Homes designed to meet general housing needs and developed by ahUK are sold at genuinely affordable prices that are set with careful reference to typical local income levels. The discounted purchase price level of an ahUK home is maintained by ahUK retaining a legal interest in the home by way of an equitable share.

However ahUK is unusual as it does not charge owners any rent or interest related payments on ahUK’s retained equitable share. It is indeed a fundamental aim of ahUK to ensure that a homeowner’s housing related costs are comfortably sustainable and thereby we hope help our homeowners avoid financial “stress”. By achieving this goal an ahUK home owner has the best chance to maintain a reasonable standard of living and enjoy good quality of life, plus benefit from the peace of mind and personal security of tenure afforded by being the owner of their home.

The ahUK retained equitable share is safely held in each home by the ahUK charitably aimed body. The retained shareholding is wholly owned by our organisation and is always held fully debt free. In the longer term this prudent arrangement, accompanied with ahUK’s simple and fair sale and allocation process, typically ensures all ahUK homes will provide the long term opportunity to help local folk to comfortably and securely own a genuinely affordable home located in their local home community. Without this opportunity they sadly may be otherwise “trapped” as renters and thus enjoying poor security of longer term tenure and paying out “dead money” as rent to a landlord.

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